What makes a “leading media network”?

What makes a “leading media network”?

Apparently, the idea of the two giant networks in the Philippines—Channels 2 and 7—is whose ratings are higher, who the people want to watch more.

And so, they do all sorts of stuff to achieve the said goal—showing barely clothed women on their noontime shows, copying the ingenious ideas of foreign programs, and making a tasteless version of quality, hit shows abroad (If you watch their versions of Korean soaps, you know what I mean.)

These are enough reasons for one to be truly thankful of having cable. But the latest addition to such is the obvious abuse of a well-known Filipino in their hands—and all for publicity’s sake.

Last night, June 19, 2009, Case Unclosed touched a very sensitive topic—the undecided rape case of a Filipino dear to the hearts of many—Bro. Eli Soriano.

Bro. Eli is not your typical preacher; he is very frank when it comes to the Bible, and is bold in his exposure of the frauds of other religions. Many people dislike him for this character of his.  But he doesn’t care if anyone gets angry with him, so long that what he says is the truth in the Bible. And it is this familiarization with the truths in the Bible that, though many hate him, a lot more feel otherwise.

There has been no man in the history of Philippine broadcasting that has a question and answer program that has lasted for nearly three decades now. He has been called as “The Walking Bible”, “The Bible Authority”, and by the flock he leads, Ang Dating Daan (ADD) or more properly, Members Church of God International (MCGI), “The Most Sensible Preacher In Our Time”.

For numerous years, he has had the reputation of being the one to ask when it comes to matters of faith and spirituality. And with so much recognition by different peoples and organizations, his contemporaries cannot be but envious. Actually, one even “prophesied” years ago that Soriano will be stricken of a serious disease and die within six months. Not contented,  he also said that all those who will not leave Soriano’s flock will be doomed with him.

Until this day, Soriano is alive, and so is his ever-growing flock.However, false prophecies are not the only things that Soriano deals with.

Nothing ever happens with false prophecies, aside from the people knowing that the one who spoke it is infallibly a false prophet. False accusations, on the other hand, are a different matter. Rumors can outlive far much longer the person whom they tell of. Therefore, taking care that a fellow person will not suffer such a fate is every person’s responsibility, much more a media network’s.

A certain Daniel Veridiano was the star of the said Case Unclosed show last night (Read his story here from a fellow WordPresser.) He was said to be excommunicated from the MCGI due to acts of lasciviousness to other men and other money related transgressions, and later joined the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo (INCM).

What, then, can anyone expect for him to say about Bro. Eli?

Well, the GMA network obviously had a good enough reason—for them, that is. For had they consulted sound logic, good values, and media ethics they would not have allowed such garbage to be aired.

What Case Unclosed displayed last night was something against a man presumed INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, something against what the supreme law of the land wills. Anyone could invent something and make it a legal case against anyone else. Anyone could make a claim, but not all can prove it. So why sensationalize something unsure, and by a supposed journalist at that.

I wonder what Bro. Eli must feel like, suffering this from his fellow Filipinos, and in the month of June—the month supposedly when 7,107 islands were declared free to enjoy the liberties and rights every human person should.

Perhaps, he is used to it already, as this is not the first time. The very same incident happened to him years ago with Channel 2’s Ces Drilon and Channel 7’s (Score two for them!) Mike Enriquez. Again, these are the two stations that claim they are the leading networks in the Philippines.

But what really makes a leading media network? I realized now that that’s not the more important question to ask. Rather, “Where does your media network lead you?”

Does you media network lead you to think that originality is unachievable by its numerous copycat shows?

Does it lead you to think evil of your fellow, to have baseless dislike or hate against another?

Does your media network lead you to think that they care for you, that they are your “Kapuso” (of the same heart) or “Kapamilya” (of the same family), and yet, for the length of their existence in the country that they were not able to give you the different public services a young media network like UNTV is able to do?

What makes a leading media network?

In the end, it’s really not the ratings that will decide. But far more importantly, YOU. Where do you want to be led?


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  2. Sa mga taga GMA 7, hindi dapat kapuso ang tawag sa inyo, WALANG PUSO DAPAT ANG ITAWAG SA INYO….


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  4. It’s very unethical for GMA 7 to do that. Those people, particularly Arnold Clavio, sure know that they are committing a blatant unlawful act. It’s a contempt of court or subjudice because that said case is still on court trials.

    The show Case Unclosed is supposed to be dealing only with cases that has already been archived many years ago, just like their earlier episodes about Ninoy Aquino.

    It’s very unbecoming for a tv journalist or a tv station to allow such stupidity be aired. Thus, GMA 7 don’t live up to their slogan. It should be, “Tahanan ng Kasinungalingan” (Home of Lies)!

  5. ARNOLD CLAVIO = Human
    ARN ARN = Puppet




  6. This is more of a defense for Soriano against the “leading networks” rather than what the title of this article is saying. I suggest you change it. It is thoroughly misleading.

    1. pointsandangles · · Reply

      Thank you for your comment.

      However, as for the title, I will retain it for this very important reason–I have my rights…as the author of this post, as the owner of this blog, and as a person under democratic rule.

  7. Totally agree, it is not the ratings, for it is a shallow basis. It is the network that lives up to its banner, delivering sincere public service and acting in integrity, not like SYETE or DOS, or even CINCO.

    @sasueme, that comment was uncalled for. Last time I checked this is still a free country.

    Still want to post my 2-cents’ worth though this thread is a couple years old.

    1. pointsandangles · · Reply

      Thank you for your comment. There are good leaders and bad leaders. True care and compassion for their followers are what lie between them.

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