Why July 27 should always be remembered

On the Philippines’ Independence Day (June 12), the incumbent president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, signed Republic Act 9645 making July 27 of every year Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Day.

Obviously, this is a major suck up to the organization mentioned above as it has, over the years, imprinted in the minds of Filipinos that they count up to millions. And with their doctrine of bloc voting, what politician could ever forget such a proclamation, especially, when only 12 months away is the 2010 presidential elections?

Before you suck-up. Think.

If the Iglesia ni Cristo or INC really count to millions and they’re really solid in their votes, why do they have to choose from a pool of presidential candidates¬† (once the polls show who is leading), and not just have one from their organization?

If bloc voting is such a “holy” obligation that their members who will not vote for their politician of choice are excommunicated, wouldn’t it be holier if the representative they will be voting to rule the land will come from them?

But why? Why haven’t they, in their 95 years of being in the Philippines, ever been able to elect someone from their ranks to sit in the president’s chair?

Seriously, why?

Before you become suckers. Think.

Why does the incumbent president, on the day of our independence as a nation, make into a law something that is a clear and outright breach in the doctrine of separation of church and state? Mind you, we are not a communist country whose political leader is also their god.

Is not democracy about fairness, equality, justice for ALL? What about the Jehovah’s Witnesses founding day? What about the El Shaddai’s founding day? What about the Church of God’s founding day?

Are we a country of INC members? Or perhaps, maybe the president is theirs only?

Everything that the heroes of our nation have given their lives for, before foreign oppressors, have been put to nought by our own politicians who mind nothing but their bellies and asses.

July 27 should not be remembered as the day the president gave her last State of the Nation Address and the day the INC have influenced the former to make it into their own. Let all Filipinos remember that July 27 is a day that proves how ours is truly a country divided and disgraced by the influenced and the ignorant.


  1. INC members are not allowed to run for a Government position, to secure the separation of the State and the Church…

    You wrote this blog to satisfy your INSECURITIES! to the INC

    Just keep trying pulling down the INC….
    Keep trying…
    Keep Believing…

    1. pointsandangles · · Reply

      I presume you are not allowed by your church authorities, for there is no such provision in the Philippine constitution.

      It’s just funny because you said that you are not allowed because of this reason: “to secure the separation of the State and the Church”.

      I’m afraid you should really think about your church because, imagine, the doctrine of the separation of Church and State will not be secure once someone from your church gets elected? What kind of people belong to your church exactly that your authorities are prohibiting your members to run for office?

      I mean, if your church is confident that you are law-abiding citizens, wouldn’t it allow its members to run for office, much more, a presidential position?

      And I am the one to feel insecurity? Your church doesn’t trust you, amigo.

      Or is that the real reason? If I were you, I would read the post again. Only this time, with my eyes wide open.

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