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#BibleExpo: Biblical Wisdom through a Hashtag

Originally posted on Faith & Etcetera:
From music to money, the flexible pound sign (#) has been making ┬álives easier since the 12th century. And it was that one fateful day in August of 2007 when a mere suggestion by Chris Messina turned out to become the start of something that would change the face…

Bro. Eli Soriano of MCGI turns 49 in service to God

A scene no less than that of last week’s thanksgiving of the whole congregation, members of the Church of God International again fills ┬áthe ADD Convention Center and all its locales abroad in worship to the Creator for, among many others, one great reason. Bro. Eli Soriano, MCGI Presiding Minister, turns 49 in service to…

A New Year in March? What Kind?

In the month of March, the Philippines welcomes a new batch of young hopefuls in search for jobs. It also welcomes a season of going to beach resorts and swimming pools to cool down. But welcome a new year? Without fireworks, without waiting for midnight, the Members Church of God International celebrated the Christian New […]

A Transient Home for Any Storm

The wake of a typhoon in the Philippines can leave many sleeping in places they never dreamt of. Oftentimes, the scenario that unveils is inconvenient to even see. Sometimes however, the scene becomes set for dreaming. Perhaps it was the shattering duet of Nesat’s relentless rains and rebellious winds of up to 150 kilometers per […]

Why July 27 should always be remembered

On the Philippines’ Independence Day (June 12), the incumbent president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, signed Republic Act 9645 making July 27 of every year Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Day. Obviously, this is a major suck up to the organization mentioned above as it has, over the years, imprinted in the minds of Filipinos that they […]

National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines’ Perturbing Proposition

Even if you aren’t a blogger, but just a Filipino using your common sense, you too would be looking up the thesaurus and dictionary for words greater in strength than convulsed, infuriated, and outraged, once you read the NTC proposition posted on its website last December 22, 2008. Here is Google’s cache of the perturbing […]