UNTV: First and Foremost is Public Service

In 2012, a Philippine media network started its news-and-rescue team. Rescue 5, in a report on TV 5’s website said, “has pioneered in training and equipping reporters and cameramen in First Aid and other lifesaving skills to be able to respond to distressed individuals.”

The idea of helping people first before broadcasting their predicament to the masses is so groundbreaking that the network got the attention of CNN. Its Supervising Producer Lisa Cohen remarked:

There are not many TV news organizations that have made a sustained, long-term commitment to a cause in the way that CNN and TV5 have. In fact, we might be the only ones.


Cohen was smart to use the word “might” in her statement. Overseeing a global broadcast, some things can get easily past her eyes, and ears.

She didn’t see how many victims of street accidents the news-and-rescue teams of UNTV have helped since July of 2010. She didn’t also hear the advocacy come out straight from the mouth of its progenitor, CEO Daniel Razon.

But how about TV 5?

Could it have just missed seeing the news-and-rescue-teams of UNTV?

TV 5’s office is located in Quezon City; Novaliches to be exact. UNTV’s home however, is right along EDSA, Manila’s main artery.



A screenshot of Starmometer's report about Daniel Razon's news-and-rescue advocacy on New Year's Eve of 2010.

A screenshot of Starmometer’s report about Daniel Razon’s news-and-rescue advocacy on December 31st 2010.

Apart from news reports on UNTV itself and on its website, Starmometer published an article saying, “Introduced by UNTV Chief Executive Officer Daniel Razon, the news-plus-rescue concept dubbed Tulong Muna Bago Balita (Rescue First, Before New), was unveiled July this year during the station’s 6th year anniversary celebration.”

Then, there’s certification by SARUF. The Search and Rescue Unit Foundation Inc. was the one who trained UNTV’s news-and-rescue teams. President Jerry Carual had this to say on this MOA-signing with UNTV video featured on Saruf’s official website:

What we’re going to do right now is just a symbol. We’ve long started this and the rescue teams of UNTV have saved many already. It’s really pioneering; the very first. I’ll repeat what I said before: It’s for the Guinness Book of Records.


The most recent recognition of Kuya Daniel’ and UNTV’s ideas and efforts is the certificate given by the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation which can be seen in this video.

Accepting the plaque was Daniel Razon who left these words to other media networks:

As many networks imitate public service, many people will benefit. It’s a welcome thing for us. We don’t have a monopoly of serving our fellowmen.

I would encourage all networks, that we’ll be together in giving assistance to our fellowmen with regards to rescue.

Razon furthered that despite networks minding their ratings over each other, may their hearts be united “when it comes to serving our fellows.”

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