Why ‘Your Intelligent Alternative’ Remains a Smart Channel Choice (Part 1)

An old logo of the Philippines' public service channel, UNTV.

An old logo of UNTV, the public service channel of the Philippines.

It was seven years ago when UNTV first used “Your Intelligent Alternative” as its network slogan. Of course now, it’s more widely known as the Philippines’ Public Service Channel. But while there is no complaint nor contention about it, it feels good to know how old ‘sayings’ can still ring with rigid truth.

Through the years, viewers have seen many faces and changes in the station’s programming, most especially, since the captainship of Kuya Daniel Razon took sail.

From a UHF channel unheard of by most Filipinos, UNTV now equates to many as a clinic, an educational institution, a refuge. It’s slew of public services that start two hours before daybreak make it a trailblazer in what a network can really do for the public. That is, apart from smart programming.


If healthy cells mean a healthy body, then strengthening society’s basic unit is needed. In response, UNTV offers a healthy dose of shows for that.

Hosted by Kuya Daniel, Munting Pangarap (Small Wish) proves more than just a wish-granting show. Over time and with God’s mercy, the once-upon-a-time wish-makers have become gift-granters to other people’s humble requests. While the adage about teaching a man to fish proves well here, the proverb of Christ that giving is better than receiving rings sounder wisdom.

Speaking of proverbs, here’s one that the KNC Show strives to teach to both parent and child: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22:6)

We all know that not all shows on TV are kid-friendly. But apart from the Bible-based lessons that KNC Show teaches in edutainment fashion, parents can rest, being assured that it — like other UNTV shows — has received ANAK TV Seals over the years.

For the older kind of young ones, Klasrum (Classroom) is prepped to help steer youths away from trouble and take the right route to get pass school and peer pressures. With featured stories of youths to up-to-date helpful information and friendly advice,  Klasrum time is well-worth sitting down for.

With kid-friendly programming, UNTV shows that quality family time can also be spent in watching TV together. Albeit, on one undeniably intelligent alternative.

More reasons up and coming from this series of blogs for a channel celebrating nine years of smart programming.

Happy 9th Anniversary to UNTV!



  1. Willy Requillo · · Reply

    Happy 9th Anniversary! To GOD be the Glory!

  2. melvic · · Reply

    Happy 9th Anniversary to UNTV!
    MOre Public Service to come”……….

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