Condemning the Condemnation to Gays


Homosexuals can't change themselves. But views of condemnation against them must. No person nor religion holds any right to rob them of their liberty to feel happy about the way they were made.

All human beings deserve the right to feel happy or “gay” about the way they are. Homosexuals can’t change themselves. But views of condemnation against them must.


The word that resounded in the Obama campaign in November 2012  now echoes in the cries of countless men and women in this proud month of LGBT.

And why wouldn’t it?

While bullying, discrimination and abuse have long troubled countless LGBT lives, the condemnation of most people and groups of their being proves most difficult.

And why wouldn’t it?

 Imagine denying who you are, what you feel and accepting changes that are not normal to you. How hard would that be?

People who have learnt that they have an incurable disease sometimes entertain thoughts of suicide. Not that the idea, thus much more the act, is justifiable, but how greater the burden must be to accept something that others view as revolting when it is a part of your very existence?

Pastors and priests have preached about the condemnation of gays since long ago. Perhaps, it’s the reason why some of the third sex have resorted to atheism receiving no hope of salvation from the people their supposed to hear it from.

The good news is, there is Good News for gays.

“The condemnation of almost all religious groups towards gays (that they can not inherit the kingdom of God) is unjust.God wants all men to be saved. (1 Tim. 2:4)” — Bro. Eli Soriano

Perhaps, with also the help of blogs like this, people can change their minds about their fellow human beings, who just happened to be a little different than they are.

Let change begin. Let change be good.

To all members of the LGBT, may you find the peace that some people have made impossible for you to reach, but is freely offered by the true God of the Bible, as preached by Bro. Soriano.

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  1. Francisco Fernandez · · Reply

    Let there be change to those who perceive that gays are intolerance of society. Eccentric as they seem to be, but most gays are social performers, people hub, silent doers, creative, stylish, and some are conspicuously pro-active. It’s ironic that most in the populace see them with a jaundice eyes. For that reason, let there be change. The God which allowed the gays to exist has never changed his treatment and his justice for all which include the queers is in perfect equity. (1Timothy2:4)

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