Another End of the World?

I’m so frustrated I can’t even begin to write. And all because of this new end-of-the-world prophecy by Jose Luis de Jesus  Miranda.

But it’s not because I believe that there will be an earthquake on June 30 that will supposedly wipe out the ‘bad seed’ and make Miranda emerge as a being that can fly and walk through walls, as he so SHAMELESSLY said.

But simply — no, complicatedly — because there (hopefully not) will be people:

– Who will be duped into forsaking all and most probably surrendering their possessions to Miranda.

– Who will be emotionally scarred when they realize they have been fooled, which can lead them into not believing God anymore (Which by the way is seriously unfair since they chose to believe this man’s proclamations and not the words of God in the Bible).

– (At worse) Who will keep on believing him despite the allegedly doomed day has already passed and the world still continues to spin.

– Who will keep mocking God because of false preachers like this who deceive many.

So what’s best to do when we hear doomsday words like this again?


Apart from the fact that in just a span of 66 years of earthly existence Miranda has apparently managed to be St. Paul, Jesus Christ, and the Anti-Christ, here is a fellow WordPresser’s blog about why no one should believe The Greatest Liar of Our Time.

Enjoy reading! ‘Cause the world’s not yet ending!


  1. What more can we expect? The tribe of Miranda are only after their members’ money. I can’t think of any more reasons why these doomsday prophets are growing in number. Last time, it was Harold Camping and several decades ago, it was the preachers at Jehovah’s Witnesses, who claimed the end is coming to an end! Some who were deceived are selling their properties and dumping their riches! Guess to whom these unwary members are turning over the proceeds of their sale? Most definitely, to their pastors, and that is just the start of the ironies to come.

  2. Thanks Brother Eli, I don’t know how to explain but while I am reading your posts. I feel overwhelmed and I feel the joy in my heart. Because I can feel, and I know that you hold the truth.

    I hope someday I can manage to stay with you personally because I wanted to be a better a better person.
    Blessed are those people whom you talk to and trust.

    May God Always protect you.

    1. Hello there,

      I appreciate your comment. But I believe this is best reflected on Bro. Eli’s blog than here. That way he’ll be able to read it, and appreciate it even more.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. reno ledesma · · Reply

    only GOD knowns when the end come.

  4. I am appalled and exasperated with preachers like Miranda. I pity those who believe his cockamamie prophecies and teachings. Street robbers rob your money and jewelry, and your laptop, if you have it handy. Guys like this Miranda, they not only rob you of your money, jewelry, and possessions – they rob you of a chance to true salvation as well, if you get lured in to their lies.

  5. gilson31403 · · Reply

    gracias a Dios hermano Eli.. it means that our God is a True God!!! and their god is a false god ..woe unto you miranda

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